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MeshCentral - YouTube, OpenSSL, Languages, Filters, Permissions, SSH

It’s been a while since the last post and a lot has been going on. Thanks to the community MeshCentral keeps getting better at a fast pace. More languages, more features, security improvements, better access rights control and some many bug fixes. The community is great and this week, it’s almost overwhelming how many improvements there are. Below is just a sample of all the changes. In detail: MeshCentral YouTube Channel . This last week, the MeshCentral YouTube channel passed 15k views, this is wonderful for a YouTube channel that is just getting started. As usual a new video premieres every Wednesday morning with the next one coming up focused on Intel® AMT. All new MeshAgents with latest OpenSSL . Yesterday the latest MeshCentral was published with new MeshAgents for all operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS, BSD) that there compiled using the latest OpenSSL 1.1.1l. Last week, OpenSSL reported two vulnerabilities and these new agents address these issues. Two new MeshCentral L

MeshCentral - YouTube Videos, WebP, Zip, Tagging, Versions

In the last few weeks on the MeshCentral YouTube channel , there is a new technical series that going into how MeshCentral is made. So far, two technical videos have been released, one on the history of MeshCentral and another on REST vs WebSocket. As for MeshCentral itself, remote desktop now has support for WebP with the Android Agent being first to make use of it. We have ZIP support in the MeshCentral Router, improved device tagging and agent type and version information. In detail: Latest YouTube Videos . New MeshCentral videos are released every week (Wednesday’s at 8:15am PT). In the last four weeks we added a longer overview presentation of MeshCentral and a tutorial on how to run a multi-domain MeshCentral server . In addition, there is a new technical series that covers the background of the MeshCentral project, how it’s built and so on. As part of the new technical series there is a new video on the history of MeshCentral and a discussion on REST vs WebSocket . The ran

MeshCentral - New Agents, Keyboard Lock, Auto-FIDO, Details Rights, AMT consent, Improved router

It’s been a while since the last update and lots of improvements have been made to MeshCentral. The last few weeks have been focused on bug fixing, however yesterday night saw the release of a new set of updated MeshAgents for all platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS and BSD) and for all CPU’s supported by these agents (x86, x86-64, ARM, Apple Silicon, MIPS). Thanks to Bryan Roe for the hard work over the last few months to improve the agents. In addition to new agents, there are plenty more features and improvements to talk about. In detail: New MeshAgent agents for all platforms . The mesh agent that runs on all remote machines must to be small, self-updating, super portable and very reliable. It’s a complex piece of software maintained by Bryan Roe.  After months of testing, yesterday all agent where recompiled for all platforms and released. Updating to the latest MeshCentral will cause all the agents to be upgraded. The new agents have many improvements, are more stable and includes m