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Installer’s Guide, Windows7 and more.

In the last few weeks we got the code a lot more stable and started working on testing installation of MeshCentral in many more environments. The current version is MeshCentral is v0.1.9-f . One of the interesting design decision was to build the entire server in NodeJS, this allows MeshCentral to quickly be installed and run on many different platforms including Windows and Linux. Last week, in addition to the existing MeshCentral User’s Guide , we published an all new MeshCentral Installer’s Guide that allows administrators to install MeshCentral on many different operating systems, on your own computers or major cloud providers . In other news, we added support for the MeshAgent on Windows7 which is probably one of the leading requests. Here is a look at everything in detail: Published MeshCentral Installer’s Guide . In this new guide , we walk thru how to install MeshCentral on Ubuntu Linux, the Raspberry Pi and on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Many Linux admin