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MeshCentral - Account Images, Improved Multi-Device Viewing, Improved Android Agent

This week, we have some fun improvements to MeshCentral with the addition of account pictures. This allows accounts to be better customized and for administrators and chat sessions to see account images. This is a small part of making MeshCentral a great open source manageability solution. In addition to this, the multi-desktop viewer was improved, and a new version of the Android agent was published on Google Play . In detail: Account Images . The latest version of MeshCentral allows users to go in the “My Account” tab and set a square image for their account. You can change or remove the image at anytime and changes to the account image will be reflected on other open browsers in real time (except for Messenger). Setting an image is as easy as clicking on the previous image and selecting a JPEG or PNG file. On the mobile application, you can click on the image and most mobile devices will allow you to use the camera to take a picture. The server stores a 256x256 size image in the dat

MeshCentral - Intel AMT security and activation improvements

This week, the focus will be on Intel® AMT with Intel® Setup and Configuration Server (Intel® SCS) no longer being available for download after March 31st some have asked that MeshCentral fill the void with additional features. One unique feature of Intel SCS is its ability to perform bare-metal activation of Intel® AMT without operating system help. This week, MeshCentral just gained this feature making it possible to turn on Intel AMT without the need to run any agent or software in the OS. More importantly, MeshCentral continues its security leadership with the addition of host-based end-to-end TLS Intel® AMT ACM activation. MeshCentral is the first activation tool to offer this capability for Intel® AMT v14 and above to further improve your asset and network security. In detail: End-to-End TLS Host based ACM activation . With Intel AMT v14 and above there is a new and more secure Admin Control Mode (ACM) activation flow allowing MeshCentral to activate Intel AMT in ACM over the In

MeshCentral - Android Screen Sharing, Previous Logins, Device Router Links, Router SSH, OS Filter

One more stack of improvements and new features this week. The most difficult feature to implement and the most interesting is the addition of display sharing support in the MeshCentral Agent for Android. You can now see your mobile device’s screen on MeshCentral which is very cool. The new version of the Android Agent is now on the Google Play store . On top of this, there are plenty of improvements to the main web site and MeshCentral Router. In detail:   Android Screen Sharing . The big news this week is that the MeshCentral Android Agent now has support for screen sharing. It works just like other operating systems except that it’s view-only and device side user consent is required. The consent prompt is shown then then administrator clicks the connect button on the web site. Once approved, the device’s screen will show up on the MeshCentral web site as one would expect. The viewer supports screen rotation, so the display will adjust when the device is rotated. This new feature was