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MeshCentral - YouTube, Sessions, Notifications, File Upload, Last Folder

We are having a great week with a lot of community participation, many bug fixes, and lots of new features. This week, the user interface has gotten better for both the desktop and mobile web sites. The most fun new demonstration you can now perform is having a friend remote to a computer and as administrator, cutting them off in real time. Very cool, but I am sure this power can be quite annoying if abused. On the social media front, the MeshCentral YouTube channel is doing great. In detail: YouTube Channel . By chance I happen to see the view counter on the MeshCentral YouTube channel just cross the 22k mark. Thank you to everyone who is interested in MeshCentral and the amazing community around it. New videos continue to premiere every Wednesday with plenty more topics to cover. Next week’s video will be on setting up a SMTP email server with MeshCentral and all the new features enabled when doing this. Session Control . When remote desktop, terminal or file session are active on

MeshCentral - Vacations, Email Notifications, Added Permissions, Windows 11, Security Fixes

I got back from vacations and starting up the regular releases of MeshCentral again. Plenty to catch up on. It’s been a while since I have taken significant vacations and took full advantage of this one. On the MeshCentral front, the community had been asking for email notifications when devices connect and/or disconnect from the server which was added in this week in addition to plenty more features and bug fixes. Bryan started testing Windows 11 which so far works almost as expected. In detail: Vacations . On a personal note, I got back from a 19-day, 1420-mile road trip across the western Unites States stopping at 7 national parks. I do have a National Parks passport and collect stamps in each of them. In order, I visited Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree and the Red Woods. I had no idea some of these National Parks existed and they were all amazing. Walking 4 hours in the Zion narrows was my favorite part. I took no less then 1600 pictures and video