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MeshCentral - RDP improvements & clipboard, Router Custom Apps, SSH / SFTP integration

This week we have many more improvements and fixes that have been mostly requested by the community on GitHub. Following last week’s integration of the web-based RDP client, many improvements have been made to RDP support including mouse wheel and clipboard support. The MeshCentral Router was improved with support for custom applications and this week, the web based SSH terminal and SFTP file transfer clients where both integrated into the web site for use with devices that have MeshAgents. In detail: Web-based RDP improvements . Building on last week’s RDP integration into MeshCentral, this week saw many improvements to the RDP client. You can now specify an alternate starting shell; this is useful for starting up applications into a dedicated RDP session. The mouse wheel is now supported along with shortcut keys, remote typing and most importantly the addition of clipboard support in both directions. You can now pull or push text of your clipboard to the remote device’s clipboard. Th

MeshCentral - RDP integration + RDP NLA support

This week, there is a special new feature released with MeshCentral v1.0.17. There is now a web-based RDP client integrated into the MeshCentral main web site. Starting today, MeshCentral now has 3 integrated remote desktop protocols: MeshAgent, RDP and Intel® AMT KVM. This significantly enhances the flexibility of MeshCentral when it comes to how it can control remote devices. The MeshAgent and RDP are very different in how they work. The MeshAgent remote desktop will control an existing session while RDP will create a new session. Also, RDP is built into Windows with some optimizations that are not easily available to the MeshAgent. In detail: RDP built into the desktop tab . The desktop tab will now present every possible remote desktop option for a device that is supports, this now includes RDP. Based on a modified node-rdpjs by Sylvain Peyrefitte the RDP client acts differently from a MeshAgent desktop session. The most important difference is that an RDP connection creates a new