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MeshCentral2 - Language Support, Terminal, File Editor

One of the great things about being open source project is that there is a growing community of people willing to help. One area that helps a lot is with translation into other languages. A few months back, MeshCentral got the capability to be translated into other languages, this is still ongoing work as more improvements in this area are ongoing. Community volunteers in the last month have translated MeshCentral to Czech (Thanks Martin) and Portuguese (Thanks Carlos). In the last weeks, a new online translator tool was added to MeshCentral along with more features. In details: New Built-in Translation Tool . MeshCentral now has a built-in web-based translation tool. If you are site administrator on a MeshCentral server, you can access this new page from the localization settings dialog box. The new tool allows you to see all the MeshCentral strings, change string for any supported language, save them back to the server and have the server re-translate the web pages to see immediate

MeshCentral2 - Next Generation Mesh Agent

On Thanksgiving day, MeshCentral got a major new update with the release of the next-generation Mesh Agent that has been over 4 months in the making. When installing MeshCentral v0.4.5-b or higher, the server will automatically update all agents with the more capable next generation agent. Probably the most awaited feature that comes with this agent is the new remote desktop privacy bar . When enabled, this displays a bar at the top of the remote device when doing a remote desktop session indicating that the system is being remote controlled and by who. In addition, the terminal was significantly improved for the latest Windows10 along with wall paper toggling and more. In details: Remote Desktop Privacy Bar . With this new update, you can now configure the device group to show a remote privacy bar at the top of the remote device’s screen indicating that the device is being controlled and by who. This privacy bar is built to work on Windows and many Linux distributions. In addition,