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MeshCentral - MeshCentral Assistant and Remote Help

It’s always interesting when MeshCentral gains new features that not only make it better but address new adjacent markets. MeshCentral does remote management of devices, but it’s been used occasionally for remote support where users initiate a help request. This week, a major update to MeshCentral Assistant makes MeshCentral a much more capable for user-initiated help. A partial port of the MeshAgent C code to C# was completed and included in MeshCentral Assistant making this tool fully capable of connecting to the MeshCentral server on its own, no agent required. In detail: MeshCentral Assistant Dual Usage . MeshCentral Assistant continues to be a tool that can be used to monitor a MeshAgent running in the background. All previous features remain. However, MeshCentral Assistant can now be downloaded from the MeshCentral server with a “.msh” file included within it’s executable. The inclusion is done automatically by the server and the .msh includes information on how to connect back a

MeshCentral - Assistant Image + Multi-Agent, SSH Terminal, Wake, Customization

This week again, lots of topics to cover as MeshCentral keeps improving at a rapid pace. Starting to make use of the account picture feature since it’s now going to be displayed in MeshCentral Assistant, the Mesh Agent monitoring tool. Another big news is SSH support in the MeshCentral terminal for both desktop and mobile sites for devices that are added to a local network group. There are also added customization, improved device wake, improved device details export and more. In detail: MeshCentral Assistant Account Image . MeshCentral Assistant is a Windows tool that monitors the MeshAgent and indicates in real time it’s state and if any users have active sessions on the agent. The latest version of MeshCentral Assistant will now display the real name and account image of any MeshCentral user if the real name and/or image are set for the account. This is a great way for remote users to quickly see who is connected to their computer. MeshCentral Assistant Multi-agent Support . The Mes

MeshCentral - YouTube, Local Devices, SSH, Traffic, Certificates and Android.

It’s somewhat of a good problem when features and improvements are being made to MeshCentral faster than the blogs come out. This week again there is plenty more to showcase. The MeshCentral YouTube Channel is doing well, with almost 3000 channel views mostly from the last two weeks. MeshCentral got a new device group type this week along with a new web based SSH client, new traffic accounting and more. In detail: MeshCentral YouTube channel . Six more videos have been posted since the last time I mentioned the channel. The new videos cover advanced MeshCentral server setup, scripting, login and 2FA. Because the channel has over 100 subscribers now, YouTube gives a nicer channel URL, so you can now use to access all of the MeshCentral videos. Also, all videos now have time markers so you can quickly find the section of the video you’re looking for. As a reminder, new videos are posted every Wednesday. Local Device Group . Since the beginning, MeshCen