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MeshCentral2 - FreeBSD, Puppy Linux, Invitation Email, Notifications, API Tracing

MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site that supports Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel AMT). In the past few weeks a lots of new features and bug fixes have been made. Mesh Agent improvements are thanks for Bryan Roe and many of the other features and fixes are thanks to the help of the GitHub community . There are too many changes to list here, however here is a selection of a few of the more interesting ones: Support for FreeBSD and Puppy Linux . Bryan Roe has continued to port the MeshAgent into more Linux variants with support for Puppy Linux , a Linux distribution that is small and easy to use. More impressive still, this week Bryan got the MeshAgent installing, running and self-update on FreeBSD . This is the first time that MeshCentral works on BSD and certainly an interesting addition to the list of supported operating systems. Improved account creation and invitation email . Requested by the GitHub community, this feature allow