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MeshCentral2 - Next evolution in web computer management

For the last eight years, I have been designing and building MeshCentral . It’s a wonderful web site for remote management of computers, cell phones and devices. A few months back, I started looking as to where I want to go with MeshCentral. Web technologies have comes a long ways in eight years. For example, web sockets did not exist and browsers where a lot less powerful. These days web frameworks and IoT devices have changed the landscape. It’s also possible to code things in a much simpler way. As a result, I started working on MeshCentral2 and today, I am making it available for the first time. This is a very early alpha, only works with Intel® AMT on local networks, but it’s an interesting start and you can already see the benefits. One of the first big changes is that MeshCentral2 server is now completely built on NodeJS enabling it to run on Windows, Linux and OSX. It’s now a single easy to install package and the web interface is now fully interactive. You nev