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MeshCentral2 - Let's Encrypt & Security Improvements

As MeshCentral is being used by some as an internet facing server, it's important that as many industry standard security features be implemented. In the past weeks, MeshCentral and MeshCommander got more releases to continue to move security forward. From improved Let's Encrypt support to MeshCommander support for two-factor authentication, a lot of improvements have been made. Here is a list of the big ones: GreenLockv3 support . MeshCentral has built-in support for getting and auto-renewing TLS certificates using Let's Encrypt which is a free CA service for web servers. Let's Encrypt updated it's validation protocol and is dropping support for the old protocol on December 1st requiring that everyone move to the new version. In the last week MeshCentral switched to using GreenLock v3 and made improvements. For example, MeshCentral will first try to get a Let's Encrypt staging certificate to test that everything is working before getting a production one.