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MeshCommander v0.3.8 released

A few days back I released MeshCommander v0.3.8 with quite a bit of improvements to how MeshCommander deals with Intel® AMT TLS. Anyone that works with Intel® AMT knows that certificates are a big part of the process. Often times, administrators use various different tools to deal with management and security separately but with this new version of MeshCommander, we built a new certificate management tool right in. Its should now be easier to setup TLS traffic encryption and authenticate that you are communicating to the correct machine. At a high level, here are the major new additions: Built-in Certificate Manager & TLS checking & certificate pinning. Create new root certificates or issue sub-CA certificates from existing root certificates. Import and export certificates, as easy as drag & dropping a certificate into the tool. Create Intel® AMT certificate easily using a root certificate that is already in MeshCommander. All new TLS authentication system,