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MeshCommander v0.3.1 released

We just released MeshCommander 0.3.1 as we continue to improve the first fully web based management console for Intel® AMT. This week, we have three new major features in addition to lots of other improvements and bug fixes. Custom Power Actions . Intel® AMT support many power actions, a major feature for remote manageability. Being able to fully control the many aspects of platform boot can be complex, MeshCommander has a set of pre-canned power actions but for complicated boot requirements, we now offer a fully customizable power action dialog box. Control the boot process, lock the local keyboard, blank the screen and much more.   User Consent Support for IDE-R. The NW.js version of MeshCommander now fully support not only User Consent for Power Actions and KVM, but this week we added IDE-R user consent. This is super important for usages that require IDE-R in Client Control Mode (CCM). This completes MeshCommander’s support for user consent usages.   Event