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MeshCentral2 - 500k Downloads & Session Recordings

This week marked a milestone as on August 11th MeshCentral passed the half a million download count according to . MeshCentral had its first commit on GitHub on August 28, 2017 and so, we crossed this milestone in about 2 years. While the downloads don’t correspond to the number of installed servers or users, it’s still a big number. I would like to thank everyone that participates in the community to make MeshCentral a success. To celebrate this event, some in my management are getting MeshCentral commemorative mugs (picture below). As MeshCentral is increasingly taking on enterprise level features, this week we are announcing a Remote management session recording support . This is often a requirement in order to deploy management solutions. The MeshCentral Management Presence Server (MPS) is now capable of recording Intel® AMT KVM sessions for later playback in addition to remote desktop and terminal sessions to the software agent. This feature is really 3 announceme

MeshCentral2 - MeshCtrl, Windows Services, Events, Remote Typing, Time Localization

Progress has been relentless thanks in part to the encouragements from the GitHub community . In the past few weeks we continued to focus on user requested features as the NPM download rate sometime exceeds 10k downloads a week . In addition to fixing many bugs, we added a bunch of new features this week and published a new MeshAgent for Windows (32 and 64bit) thanks for many improvements from Bryan Roe. Here are just some of the highlights: MeshCtrl . As MeshCentral is integrated into various existing software ecosystems, it’s important make MeshCentral integrate well and responsive to other software actors. Administrators may want to automatically create and remove user accounts, automate the creation of device groups and get information on existing device states to feed this data into other software. To enable this MeshCentral now includes MeshCtrl, a command line tool that allows administrative operations on MeshCentral servers. MeshCtrl comes built into MeshCentral when you inst