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MeshCentral2 - Load Balancer & Peering Support

MeshCentral 2 is a free open source web-based remote computer management solution allowing administrators to setup new servers in minutes and start remotely controlling computers using both software agent and Intel® AMT. The server works both in a LAN environment and over the Internet in a WAN setup. Now, I just released a new version with support for server-to-server peering allowing for improved fail-over robustness and scaling. Some technical details: Servers connect to each-other using secure web sockets on port 443. This is just like browsers and Mesh agents, so you can setup a fully working peered server installation with only port 443 being open . Server peering and mesh agent connections use a secondary authentication certificate allowing the server HTTPS public certificate (presented to browser) to be changed. This allows MeshCentral2 peer servers to be setup with different HTTPS certificates. As a result, MeshCentral2 can be setup in a multi-geo configuration

MeshCentral2 - Cupcakes Update

Quick note to say that lots more updates and fixes are going on with MeshCentral2 . Updates are coming pretty much every day. Yesterday, I added server self-update capability. You can now update the server with just a few clicks on the web site (if you are administrator). Hopefully, we are getting close to Beta2 that will be quite usable for day-to-day use. Also, at work this morning, I had MeshCentral2 cupcakes. Figured I share a picture since they look so yummy! Ylian