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MeshCentral2 - Alpha 3

It’s been a while since the last update to Meshcentral2 , but work is starting up again after a big focus on MeshCommander. While MeshCommander is the web based Intel® AMT console, Meshcentral2 is the entire solution for web based remote management for both computer with and without Intel® AMT . I just put online Alpha3 of MeshCentral2. It’s not ready for common use yet, and being made available for people that want to check out early code. The focus on this release is on basic infrastructure of the server, something that will be important as the work moves along. In this version, the main new feature is multi-tenancy support . Meshcentral2 can run one instance of the server with one database, but support many customers at once. Each customer gets to administer the site independently and has its own set of users and permissions. This architecture allows a lot more flexibility in server setup while pooling database, server, backups and other resources. It also makes it easy

MeshCommander v0.4.2 released

As it’s been cold and snowing in Oregon for the past few days, a great time to catch up on code releases and fixes. As part of catching up, I released MeshCommander 0.4.3 with plenty of bug fixes and the addition of Intel® AMT Alarm Clock support . MeshCommander can now help administrators manage wake events within Intel® AMT that cause the computer to wake up regardless of the network connectivity state. In many cases, instead of sending a wake command to Intel® AMT, it’s more practical to setup the wake even ahead of time and just have Intel® AMT perform the wake operation on its own. I would like to thank Joko Sastriawan for this work on this feature in MeshCommander, he is the one that got the feature started and fully working for the first time. In addition to this, I have made many more fixes in MeshCommander to improve its robustness. Fixes range from improved HTTP pipelining to IDER timers and certificate checking improvements. Speaking of certificates, we also