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MeshCommander can connect to MeshCentral2

This week is a big one for the standalone version of MeshCommander as version 0.7.1 was released with an improved user interface and more significantly, the ability to connect to a MeshCentral2 account and manage computers over the Internet. Up until now, the standalone MeshCommander has been a break-fix Intel® AMT management console limited to your local network, but this limitation is removed with this new release as MeshCentral2 can act as a Management Presence Server (MPS) for MeshCommander. This new feature allows MeshCommander to perform WSMAN and KVM, SOL, IDER sessions over Intel® AMT remote connections (CIRA) greatly enhancing the capability of an already feature rich tool. There is a new YouTube demonstration video that shows off all the latest improvements. In detail: MeshCommander now has an improved user interface, especially the computer selection screen . The basic idea was to make MeshCommander look a lot like the new user interface of MeshCentral2 which

MeshCentral Improved Windows Installer

One of the amazing features of MeshCentral2 is that it can be installed quickly on pretty much any computer that is Windows or Linux. For Windows users, it’s super easy since the installer that does all the work. You can get a fully working server up and running in a few minutes. Any version of Windows 7 or better will work. This week, the MeshCentral2 installer for Windows was improved significantly . It’s not just an installer anymore, you can scan your local network to find MeshCentral2 servers, edit advanced settings, update the server and more. The new version 1.2 of the installer is available for download here . In details: The installer will only work when connected on the Internet as it will download and install the latest version of MeshCentral2. The new network scanner will find MeshCentral2 servers that are in “LAN mode” or “Hybrid mode” on the local network, this is going to be important for upcoming MeshCentral2 appliance support. The new advanced configuration scre

MeshCentral improved user interface

In the last two months MeshCentral got a lot better. Many new features, bug fixes and ease of use improvements so that a server can be installed and fully usable in a few minutes in many situations, and this on Windows and Linux. For many system administrators, all you need to know is “ npm install meshcentral ” to get started. Certainly the most noticeable change in the last few weeks is the new user interface marking a significant departure from the older MeshCentralv1. MeshCentralv2 run a fully real-time user interface so that you never have to hit a “refresh” button. The interface always displays the latest state of all devices and makes much better use of the complete surface area of the browser, making it great for both large screens and users who want to have a small browser window on the desktop. Check out the pictures below. Here are some more details on the latest update: New user interface will auto-scale to fill the browser window and has a new left side navigation ba