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MeshCommander - Firmware Loader

MeshCommander is a web-based Intel® AMT management console that is available in many versions including as a standalone tool, as part of MicroLMS and built into MeshCentral2 . However, one of the most intriguing versions of MeshCommander is the one that can be loaded directly into Intel® AMT 11.6 and higher flash storage . This version of MeshCommander allows remote hardware management of a computer with nothing else but a browser, making it super convenient for many applications. Never as it been easier to make use of Intel® AMT when you need it. Today, I just released the new MeshCommander firmware loader that comes as a single Windows executable. You can get it on , it super easy to use and in less than a minute your Intel® AMT 11.6+ will be upgraded with a powerful management console built right into the computer. Just login using your favorite browser and start remotely managing your computer. As if it could not already be easier, I have a YouTub

MeshCentral2 - Improved Crypto & ClickOnce

Today, MeshCentral2 is going Beta2 with many more improvements, new features and improved stability. MeshCentral2 is a light weight open source remote computer management web site. In marking this version as Beta2, it broke compatibly with Beta1 and so, everyone will need to create new user accounts, create new meshes and re-install MeshAgents. The compatibly break is going to be annoying for existing users, but was necessary to move MeshCentral2 to the latest cryptographic algorithms. With improvements in both general computing and possibly quantum computers in the years to come, it’s important that any product that will be used in the long term use strong cryptography. Starting with MeshCentral2 Beta2, all hashing is done using SHA384 instead of SHA256 . This means that all node identifiers, certificate signatures, binary update hashes, password hashing and more are all using the new longer and stronger hashing function. This has a wide ranging impact on MeshCentral

MeshCentral2 - Installer, MeshAgent2, Map

Today, MeshCentral2 has an even easier and faster way to get setup with a new Microsoft Windows MSI installer . Now, you can download and install MeshCentral2 in a few minutes even if you know nothing about NodeJS, NPM or installing a server. Just download the MSI installer , launch it and answer a few questions. MeshCentral2 will run in the background and turns into your own personal web based remote management solution. It’s never been easier. Because MeshCentral2 supports LAN mode, you don’t even need a fixed IP address or DNS name to run your own server and manage computers on your local network. Here are the highlights this week: New Windows MSI installer , makes MeshCentral2 super easy to install. Once installed, you have the option to keep the server always updated to the latest version. To show this off, we have a new YouTube demonstration video . Goes into details of how the installer works and each of the configuration options. Thanks to Ariel Silverman for his