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MeshCentral - Login Tokens, Mobile Terminal, Chat Recordings, Guest Sharing

I have been running a behind on writing up blogs and now, there is a pile of changes and improvements to highlight. In the last weeks, MeshCentral gained many more fundamental features including login tokens, mobile support for remote terminal, messenger chat recordings and improved guest device sharing. In detail: MeshCentral support for login tokens . Users can now create temporary account login tokens that are used login to their account. There is a YouTube video on this here . This is useful in many ways. You can create a token to give to an automated script that will login and perform actions on remote devices. This is especially useful for MeshCentral servers that are connected to a single sign-on portal. Normally, these servers don’t allow tools like MeshCentral Router, MeshCMD and MeshCtrl to login, but you can now do it with login tokens. When connecting to MeshCentral using a login token, account settings, image, 2FA settings and password can’t be changed. So, the login token

MeshCentral - Push Notification 2FA Support + 3 more YouTube videos.

As with any remote management software, security is critical and multi-factor authentication is an essential part of solid security. However, security does not have to be inconvenient or expensive. Today, MeshCentral v0.8.12 was published along with MeshCentral Android Agent v1.0.10 that is pending approval on the Google Play store . Once you updated to both, you can now use your Android device as a MeshCentral authentication factor. Better yet, this feature often only available to enterprises and large organizations is free with MeshCentral. Also, this week three new videos where posted on the MeshCentral YouTube channel . In detail: MeshCentral push notification 2FA . Earlier this year, MeshCentral got a new agent for Android along with Firebase push notification support. Today, we put these features to use with an updated server and Android agent that support two-factor push notification requests. The push notification will go thru the public server and be forward

MeshCentral - New YouTube channel, Intel AMT credentials, UI customizations, OpenSSL

In the last few weeks, I got myself a small streaming studio with new camera, microphone, lights, and capture cards. All this so I could launch the new MeshCentral YouTube channel with new videos published every Wednesday! On top of that, MeshCentral has gotten a crazy new Intel AMT credential management feature and many more bug fixes and improvements. Very excited about this week. In detail: MeshCentral YouTube Channel . This is very exciting. There is now a new MeshCentral YouTube channel with 7 videos already online and one more being published every Wednesday. The videos are starting off with the basics but will get increasingly more detailed to cover more specific and less known about features of MeshCentral. In the last few weeks, I got myself a full video streaming setup along with HDMI video capture devices so I can capture the HDMI output of the Intel AMT computer and split screen with the management console. You will see this in upcoming videos. I welcome suggestions for u