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MeshCentral - LDAP, Scripts, Drag & Drop, SQLite, Commander, Reports

This week has been huge for MeshCentral with many more improvements and features. Many of the new features are aimed at enterprise deployments with much improved support for Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP). One of the big news this week is that MeshCentral is now capable of allowing user login and granting devices access rights to LDAP users based on their LDAP memberships. This is important for organizations deploying MeshCentral as it allows LDAP policies to apply to MeshCentral instances. Also, this week saw improved support for running scripts on remote devices, drag & drop support for running scripts, the addition of two more back-end databases (SQLite and AceBase) and more. In detail: MeshCentral synchronization of LDAP membership groups . If you’re running MeshCentral in a large enterprise, you will connect MeshCentral to an Active Directory (LDAP) and will want user policies set in LDAP to affect what a user has access to within MeshCentral. This is exactly what MeshCentr

MeshCentral - Agent icon, Batch agent console, Intel AMT import, Web Relay

This week the big news is that MeshCentral has even more advance code to break apart and re-assemble Windows executables. This code has gotten so good, each section of the executable (code, data, resources, etc.) can now be resized to any dimension needed. This code can now replace bitmaps and icons in a Windows executable prior to timestamping it and signing it and as a result, MeshCentral can now customize a Windows agent even more than before. You can set a different icon file (.ico) for agents in each of your domains. Now, the MeshCentral Agent can have your company or customer’s icon on it. This is all done in seconds on MeshCentral server start. As far as I know, MeshCentral is the only server to do this. On top of this, many more improvements this week. In detail: MeshCentral can now customize Windows agent icon . It’s difficult to break a Windows executable apart, modify the internals and re-assemble it so that is can still run correctly. Many tables, pointers and alignment iss