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MeshCentral2 - Alpha 2

Fresh off the latest release of MeshCommander 0.2.8 , I just released MeshCentral2 Alpha 2 , the very latest in super easy to setup and use cloud management solution. MeshCentral2 now has a full Intel® AMT MPS server so it can now receive and handle Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) connections. Better yet, it does so better than any software I have seen before. You can go from almost nothing to running your own server and managing Intel® AMT computers over the cloud in a few minutes. On top of all that, MeshCentral2 integrates the very latest version of MeshCommander so you can not only get Intel® AMT connections setup quickly, you can use these connections to immediately manage your computers and it’s all web based. Along with this release, I recorded a YouTube tutorial video showing how to get CIRA setup. In this version, we setup CIRA manually using MeshCommander. In some ways, this is pretty amazing since you need lots of software working perfectly to perform t

MeshCommander v0.2.8 released

We just released MeshCommander 0.2.8 , this is part of our ongoing work to build a fully web based and completely portable Intel® AMT console across all platforms. In this release we have improve the tool significantly. In the last week alone, we released versions 0.2.6, 0.2.7 and 0.2.8 continuing on a rapid cadence. Here are the major improvements for the last two weeks: Built-in IDER support in MeshCommander.exe for Windows. Starting with this version of MeshCommander for Windows, you can now start an disk redirection session directly from within MeshCommander. No need for a separate IDER server anymore. Makes everything easy and so, you can quickly reboot a computer to a disk image of your choice.   More Serial-over-lan terminal emulation types. Depending on the BIOS vendor, the terminal emulation used varies. Intel uses “Extended ASCII” but other vendors use “UTF8” which allows for internationalization of the BIOS over TV100. Starting with this version of MeshC