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MeshCentral - Azure AD, JumpCloud, SAML, Mobile Web App

As the MeshCentral community is growing, there are more complicated integration of MeshCentral into enterprise environments. One of the most essential of these integrations is Single Sign-On (SSO). Being able to have a centralized console to manage users, user credentials and user access to services is one of the most important services of any large organizations. This week, MeshCentral added capability to integrate with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (using OAuth2) and JumpCloud (using SAML). In addition, MeshCentral now has a generic SAML binding capability for any SAML capable credential provider, improved User’s Guide and better mobile web application. In detail: Microsoft Azure Active Directory . MeshCentral now has built-in support for Azure Active Directory , a service often used by large corporation to manage user’s identity, credentials and access to web services. The updated MeshCentral User’s Guide now has a step-by-step guide into setting up MeshCentral for Azure Active

MeshCentral - OAuth SSO, Session Indicator, Korean Translation

As MeshCentral is being integrated into various network environments, it’s becoming important that MeshCentral support Single Sign-On (SSO) with other services so that instead of users creating their own user accounts on MeshCentral, they leverage existing accounts. Last week, MeshCentral gained OAuth capability to allow for single sign-on integration into other services and has built-in support for Twitter, Google, GitHub and Reddit one-click sign in. In addition, this week MeshCentral got real-time session indication and improved Korean translation. In detail: OAuth SSO support . Being able to integrate MeshCentral with other single sign-on providers makes it very convenient for users since they no longer need create an account on a MeshCentral server or remember passwords. Instead, they use their existing account and login directly. Last week NodeJS Password was integrated into MeshCentral for the first time allowing a large range of different authentication strategies including

MeshCentral - Recording, Deepin Linux, Device Details

The last weeks have been crazy with over 30k downloads of MeshCentral on NPM per week for each of the last two weeks. Along with this, plenty more features and improvements have been made. One area of improvement was session recording. MeshCentral is capable of recording user sessions on the server, but now the feature was improved, and browser side recording was also added. Bryan Roe added support for Deepin Linux , a Chinese based Linux distribution and improvements in device data gathering. In detail: Improved server-side session recording . This feature is important for servers that need full auditing of remote-control sessions. In the latest MeshCentral the recording file includes more session metadata and for servers with session recording enabled, there is a new “Recordings” panel in the “My Users” section that can be viewed by administrators. You can quickly see what recordings are present on the server, the start and end time, duration and file size. You can then download th