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MeshCentral - IP-KVM Raritan KX III support

This week, a framework was added in MeshCentral to support for IP-KVM switches. For now, the only supported model is the Raritan Dominion KX III switch . This allows for a new form of out-of-band management of computers. MeshCentral can manage remote devices using the agent, agent-less on the local network (SSH/RDP), agent-less using Intel® AMT and now, using IP-KVM devices. In detail: IP-KVM devices . Many vendors offer IP-KVM devices that connect to a computer’s display output and have connectors for USB to emulate a mouse, keyboard and sometimes storage devices. This allows administrators to remotely control computers even without a operating system agent installed. It’s done by emulating local user input over the network. It’s much like what is available with Intel® AMT, but as a completely different devices connected to the PC you want to remote. MeshCentral now has a framework for supporting IP-KVM devices. When support is enabled, it’s offered as a new device group type. IP-KVM