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MeshCentral - YouTube Videos, Android Agent Improvements, Auto-Clipboard

MeshCentral is an open source, web based, feature packed computer management web site. This week we have a major new update of the MeshCentral Agent for Android with new auto-connection setting, branding customization, account name & picture and more importantly remote desktop scaling and optimization support. On top of that we have many improvements to the MeshCentral server, addition of an automatic clipboard feature and more. But first, I want to provide an update on the MeshCentral YouTube channel which is doing very well with a new video being posted every Wednesday. In detail: MeshCentral YouTube Channel . A few months back, the MeshCentral YouTube channel launched with an initial set of videos with more being posted every Wednesday. There are now 23 videos live covering everything from initial installation to more advanced topics like server peering and installation with reverse proxies. The channel has over 7800 views so far and since the last time I blogged about the You

MeshCentral - Assistant Application, Branding, Terminal, Details & Agent Local User Consent

MeshCentral Assistant is getting many more improvements this week. MeshCentral Assistant is a Windows tool that can monitor a background MeshAgent and/or be setup to directly connect to the MeshCentral server when requested by the user to provide remote assistance. The response on GitHub for this new tool has been wonderful and many improvement requests have been made. There are now new running modes, support for branding, computer information, live CPU and memory graph and Shell/PowerShell terminal support. In detail: MeshCentral Assistant Running Modes . When downloading MeshCentral Assistant from the MeshCentral web site, you can now select between 5 different running modes. Should it run as a system tray tool? Should it immediately connect to the server or only when requested by the user? Should it be used for background agent monitoring only? By selecting the right mode of operation, MeshCentral Assistant can be tailored to best handle the most technical support situations. MeshCe

MeshCentral - Signing, Assistant, SSH Files, Logs and Internalization

MeshCentral is an open source, web based, feature packed computer management web site. This week again, plenty more improvements to MeshCentral to go thru. One item that has been a long time coming is getting an open source code signing certificate and that finally happened last week. As a result, many of the published open source binaries are now code signed. MeshCentral Assistant got many more improvements, MeshCentral now have Secure-FTP support built-in along with more items. In detail: Open Source Binaries are Signed . This has been a long time coming but last week most binaries for the MeshCentral and MeshCommander projects are now signed. This includes the MeshCentral Installer, Router and Assistant along with MeshCommander and the MeshCommander Firmware Loader. This adds a level of trust that the binaries are legitimate. Notably absent for signing is the MeshAgent which is too risky to sign as it can be used for both good and bad. So, going forward the MeshAgent will remain sel