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Multi-computer desktop viewer

This week is spring break in Oregon and we are going to celebrate with a smaller and more fun MeshCentral2 update. We just released support for viewing multiple computers desktop at the same time . This is very useful for digital signage usages where you want to monitor the screens of many computers in real time. In MeshCentral2 v0.1.5-p , you can now select “Desktops” in the view drop-down on the top right of the devices view. You will see all your currently connected computers and you can click on the screens to toggle connection to that device. On the multi-desktop screen, you click “Connect all” or “Disconnect all” to connect/disconnect all screens at once. Check “AutoConnect” to connect to all desktops and automatically connect to any new computer that comes online. Like all of the other screens on MeshCentral2, the multi-desktop screen is fully real time, with computer names, icons and status being updated on the web page without user interaction. If you are looking at managi

MeshCmd, The new Intel AMT command line tool

Just posted on the web site a new do-it-all command line tool for Intel® AMT that runs on both Windows and Linux . The new tool is called “MeshCmd” also called “MeshCommand”. It makes it easy to do all sorts of things with Intel AMT including: get Intel AMT state, perform basic activation, LMS services, configuration and remote management of other Intel AMT computers on the network and much more. If you are in the Intel AMT space, take a look at the new MeshCmd tutorial video on YouTube , it’s really worth a watch. MeshCmd is a single executable file available for download on along with a full user’s guide (pdf). Here is a quick list of what MeshCmd can do in the context of Intel AMT: Get the local state of Intel AMT, including version, activation state and more. Show the Intel AMT audit log of your local computer (even without any credentials) or of a remote computer. Startup LMS services along with local hosting of MeshCommander for L

MeshCentral2 - Windows Installer, Server Aliasing & Wide Mode Support

MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. We release new versions many times a week and this week we added a bunch of more interesting features & improvements: New MeshCentral installer for Windows . MeshCentral2 is pretty amazing in that you can install and run a new server easily and within minutes on both Windows and Linux. However, for Windows users we just made the process of getting your own MeshCentral2 server up and running even simpler with the all new MeshCentral2 installer for Windows . This installer will automatically detect, download and install NodeJS if needed along with installing the very latest version of MeshCentral. It can also be used for limited configuration of the server to get you started and to perform server updates. The new installer is fast, interactive and super simple. Anyone can launch a remote management service in minutes. Wide screen toggle . You can now toggle the web page to use the full widt