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MeshCentral2 - Now with WebRTC support

MeshCentral offers web based remote desktop, terminal and file transfer allowing administrators to access and remotely manage computers on the local network or over the Internet. So far, we had to relay the traffic from the user’s browser thru the server to the mesh agent on the remote computer creating a lot of traffic on the server which slows down the connections and adds to server workload and hosting costs. To go a long way to solving the traffic relay thru the server problem, last week the latest version of MeshCentral2 was published with WebRTC support turned on by default . This feature is in large part due to many longs days and late night coding sessions by Bryan Roe who worked on fixing and updating BCP’s WebRTC data stack for this usage. With this new version, the Browser and Mesh Agent will attempt to communicate directly to each other using WebRTC bypassing the server entirely. If successful, the remote desktop and terminal session are faster, lower-latency a