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MeshCentral - 100K views, XMPP, Discord, CallMeBot and Pushover integrations

MeshCentral is an open source, web based, feature packed computer management web site. The MeshCentral YouTube channel keeps hitting new milestones with now over 100k views and videos keep being released every Wednesday with no end in sight for new topics to cover as MeshCentral continues to evolve quickly. On the topic of MeshCentral’s new features, this week no less than 4 more messaging and notification integrations were added to MeshCentral making it easier then ever for users to get notifications from their MeshCentral account on the device and application they prefer. Discord , XMPP , CallMeBot and Pushover where all added along with documentation on how to setup them up and use them. In detail: MeshCentral YouTube channel . The channel continues to grow in popularity with around 8600 views and 651 hours of view time in the last 28 days and now, over 100k views in total and over 1600 subscribers. Big thank you to the community. There are now 95 videos on the channel and videos

MeshCentral - Vacations, Messaging & Telegram, Bosnian

MeshCentral is an open source, web based, feature packed computer management web site. The big news this week is of course that I am back from vacation and catching up on all the requests. On the technical side, this week has been great with the addition of messaging integration and Telegram into MeshCentral. People often use messaging applications on their phone and desktop and MeshCentral can start taking advantage of this. In addition, work as been done on adding the Bosnian translation to MeshCentral. In detail: Back from vacations . After 6 weeks of vacation in France it’s great to be back and developing new features again. In the last 6 weeks I was in the south of France with visits to Italy, Monaco, Spain and Andorra. I have no idea Andorra even existed until this trip, it’s a fun place. Among 100’s of places I visited, I visited Pont du Gard (left on the picture below) which is the tallest of all Roman aqueduct bridges , and the Millau Viaduct (right on the picture below) whi