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Note that I will be on vacation until October 5th , Bryan Roe will keep development moving forward. Since I last mentioned it, 5 more YouTube videos have premiered covering a range of topics from features and technical topics. In the last week, the new report generation feature was much improved along with traffic accounting. Lastly, there is now a new way to specify device session recording by user groups. In detail: MeshCentral YouTube Channel . The MeshCentral YouTube channel is doing well with over 17k views and over 500 subscribers. In the last 5 weeks, two technical videos where added doing a code review of the server and going into details on the two ways the MeshAgent is automatically updated on client platforms. There is a new video on how to get help and file feature requests and bug reports and a new video on basic Intel® AMT activation and use. Improved Report Generation . Last week, MeshCentral got a new report generation tool allowing administrators to see what user sess

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One more week with plenty more MeshCentral features and improvements. This week, Bryan Roe did many more crucial improvements to the Linux agents, notably improved remote desktop support in edge cases. The MeshCentral server got a new report generation feature, web based SSH improvements and much more. Again, many thanks for the community for reporting issues and helping move MeshCentral forward. In detail: Linux Agents Improvements . As a result of community requests, Bryan Roe has released new Linux agents with improved remote desktop support. Specifically, the new agent correctly handles X Window resolution changes including when transitioning from the login screen to a user desktop. This should make remote desktop a more usable on more Linux distributions. Report Generation . The community has been asking for MeshCentral to generate reports for a while, especially a report on who is doing remote control sessions on what devices, when and for how long. This can be used for auditing

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It’s been a while since the last post and a lot has been going on. Thanks to the community MeshCentral keeps getting better at a fast pace. More languages, more features, security improvements, better access rights control and some many bug fixes. The community is great and this week, it’s almost overwhelming how many improvements there are. Below is just a sample of all the changes. In detail: MeshCentral YouTube Channel . This last week, the MeshCentral YouTube channel passed 15k views, this is wonderful for a YouTube channel that is just getting started. As usual a new video premieres every Wednesday morning with the next one coming up focused on Intel® AMT. All new MeshAgents with latest OpenSSL . Yesterday the latest MeshCentral was published with new MeshAgents for all operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS, BSD) that there compiled using the latest OpenSSL 1.1.1l. Last week, OpenSSL reported two vulnerabilities and these new agents address these issues. Two new MeshCentral L