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Hi everyone. It’s been a while since the last blog post and I wanted up update everyone on what is going on. As many of you know already from a discussion on GitHub, Bryan and I have been laid-off from Intel in early November 2022. This was quite a surprise as MeshCentral, MeshCommander, MeshCMD and other tools where widely used. This said, Intel has been having poor financials and Bryan and I where part of a very large first wave of downsizing by the company that involved many people that I know and worked with for a long time.

I had been working for Intel for over 25 years having started in September 1998. Over the years I worked on IPsec key negotiation, Universal Plug & Play, DLNA and Intel® AMT. I loved working on all these projects and especially loved working with the open-source community on Mesh projects. Obviously, this was not my decision and Bryan and I had look for what comes next.

One option was to continue working on MeshCentral as part of another company or with community support. As I was looking into that option, I also got wonderful offers from different large companies. One of the offers was from Microsoft and because of my previous software and IA work, I was very much interested in going in that direction. So, last week was my first week at Microsoft. It’s a wonderful company and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I am super excited and happy to be in this wonderful organization.

As for MeshCentral and other Mesh tools, they are obviously no longer my priority. Intel will continue to keep the public running for 6 months, but after that, I am not sure what will happen with that server. I have not received any other communications from Intel related to MeshCentral. Since I own both and domain names, I will have the option to keep them running in some way going forward.

As for the code in GitHub and the NPM package, that will stay and I am committed to making sure that no malware is ever added or anything bad happens to it. The code will remain safe to use. I may also occasionally accept good quality pull requests and release new versions based on community work.

Do feel free to message me on Linkedin if anyone does a fork of MeshCentral and keeps moving it forward. MeshCentral work was certainly a full-time job for both Bryan and I, it’s not a small project. MeshCentral is an amazing code base.

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