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MeshCentral - Support for User Groups

MeshCentral is being used in increasingly larger and more complex environments and so, the user community has been asking for features that will enable larger deployments. One of the most important asks has been user groups support, that is, being able to group many users into a user group and assigning a user group a single set of permissions to devices. This way, you can have many technicians in a group and assign the permission only once to a set of devices. This makes permission management much simpler. In this new version of MeshCentral, user groups are now fully supported. In details: User Group Management . As an administrator, you can now go in “My Users”, “Groups” sub tab and create or remote users groups. You can also duplicate an existing group making it easy to create an new group using permissions from an existing group. Once created, you can click on a group and edit the name, description and members of a group. Improved Device Group Permissions . Once a user group has

MeshCentral - 2019 Review and New Features

2019 has been a wonderful year for MeshCentral . The code base has gained many new features over the year, but what is even more impressive is the GitHub community around the project. Here is the MeshCentral 2019 Year in Review (PDF) , it gives a nice overview of the community and interest around MeshCentral. There are a bunch more big features being worked on, but for now here are just some of the features that here added at the end of 2019. Dutch translation . Peter van Vlijman is our latest community volunteer to contribute a language translation to MeshCentral. After Czech and Portuguese translations announced last time, Peter contributed the Dutch translation and continues to improve the Dutch version and keep up with updates. Thanks Peter for your hard work! Device Group Summary . When clicking on a device group, there is now a new “Summary” tab that shows live graphs of the computers in this group. Just like the rest of the MeshCentral user interface that is fully real-time,