MeshCentral - Support for User Groups

MeshCentral is being used in increasingly larger and more complex environments and so, the user community has been asking for features that will enable larger deployments. One of the most important asks has been user groups support, that is, being able to group many users into a user group and assigning a user group a single set of permissions to devices. This way, you can have many technicians in a group and assign the permission only once to a set of devices. This makes permission management much simpler. In this new version of MeshCentral, user groups are now fully supported. In details:
  • User Group Management. As an administrator, you can now go in “My Users”, “Groups” sub tab and create or remote users groups. You can also duplicate an existing group making it easy to create an new group using permissions from an existing group. Once created, you can click on a group and edit the name, description and members of a group.
  • Improved Device Group Permissions. Once a user group has been created, you can go in the device group’s panel and add user groups with permissions. As soon as this is done, the devices will show up in each of the user groups member’s account and can immediately start managing devices.
  • Improved User Management. If you have permissions to manage users, you can click on users in the “My Users” tab and see what groups they belong to. This makes it easy to understand what permissions are given to each user.
  • Multiple Permissions Paths. With this new feature, it’s now possible for a user to get different access privileges to devices thru different paths. A user can have direct privileges to devices, or different privileges thru one or more user groups. MeshCentral will sum the privileges of all different paths for any given target device. This allows for more complex access control as users can be joined to different user groups depending on their roles.
Implementing this new feature required many changes to the MeshCentral code base. Testing of this new feature by the community is really appreciated. If you see any problems, please create a new issue on GitHub.


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