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MeshCentral2 - Charts, WebAuthn/FIDO2, Replay Port Maps

This week has been busy with significantly increased traffic on Github , once again, thank you to everyone that is reporting bugs and helping out. We now have real-time server charts showing connection counts and memory use, new support for FIDO2/WebAuthn for second factor authentication and an improved MeshCentral router with relay mapping for remote access to many more devices on remote networks. Live Server Statistics Charts . It’s important to keep track of server load and health and in order to help with this, the latest version of MeshCentral includes a new server statistics tab with live charts of the server’s current state. The graph has animated transitions and will update automatically as time goes by. In addition, you can download the raw chart data using a download button on the upper right of the chart. FIDO2 / WebAuthn Support . MeshCentral already had support for 2 factor authentication hardware tokens using the U2F protocol. However, this is the old way of doing thin

MeshCentral2 - All new MeshCentral Router for Windows

Because MeshCentral is web based, usages are generally built within the browser which is great sometimes, but not always. Today, we are changing that with the MeshCentral Router for Windows , a tool that allows users to port map any TCP port on their local computer to any port on any remote computer in their MeshCentral account. So, you can now port map the SSH port to a IoT device and launch PuTTY to get a fast terminal connection, or better yet, map port 3389 and get a fast RDP remote desktop session to remote PC’s. The MeshCentral Router opens a plenty of new possibilities for your MeshCentral server. Take a look at the YouTube demonstration video to see how it all works . In details: Works to any MeshCentral2 server. Many have setup their own MeshCentral server and this tool will work with it as long, just update your server to the latest version before starting. Support for 2nd factor authentication. Even if this is a Windows application, the new MeshCentral server allows 2nd f

MeshCentral2 - Clipboard Support, Device List & Filters, Memory Management

It’s been a white since the last report and lots of progress has been made. Probably most notably is the increase in GitHub traffic where more people than are submitting bug reports and feature requests. Only a month ago there was about 20 open issues, now it’s up to 36 open issues with 93 having been closed so far. Many thanks to everyone that takes the time to write up reports on Github, it’s much appreciated. This week, we got a bunch more improvements with notable thanks to Bryan Roe who is working nights, days and on his vacations to get issues closed. This last few week’s highlights: Clipboard management support on Windows and Linux . One of the frequently asked feature request on GitHub was for the addition of remote clipboard support. With the latest version of MeshCentral, you can now transfer text to and from a remote device’s clipboard on Windows and Linux. This is amazingly useful feature, but a very difficult one to implement as the agent needs to figure out what user c