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MeshCentral New Mobile Web Application

It’s been a while since the last announcement but I have been hard at work on MeshCentral , the web-based open source remote management software. This week we got a big new feature with release of MeshCentral v0.1.8-c on NPM , we now have a new web application for mobile devices . When you install your own MeshCentral server and access it using a mobile device (like a phone or tablet), you will see a new web page tailored for small devices. This is the first version of it, but already it offers many of the main usages that are offered on the main web site in a more compact form. Some of the features offered in the mobile application: New card stack UI . Unlike the main web site, the mobile site uses a card stack UI model, where you can select screens and hit “back” at any time to return. This is quite a different model from the tabs on the main site, but allows the UI to be significantly more compact. Real time user interface . Like the main web site, the mobile site is fully real t