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MeshCentral2 - Maps, Interfaces, Wake, Raspberry Pi

MeshCentral2 development keeps moving forward. So much is going on, we have to just make a list of new features and changes. MeshCentral2 is still very much in beta, lots work still to be done before it is ready for day-to-day use. This said, much progress is being made. Here is a main recap of the last few weeks:
Location and mapping support. The MeshAgent2 can now attempt to get its location using its public IP address. MeshCentral2 then records this information and can display location information on a live map along with colored pins showing the connectivity status of the device. Default mapping information uses OpenStreetMap.Network interface information. The latest MeshAgent2 and MeshCentral2 now cooperate to gather device network interface information. This is useful for all sorts of usages including remote device wake-up.Server Wake-on-LAN support. When MeshCentral2 is not in WAN-only mode, it will not send out wake-on-LAN packets upon request. For small deployments w…

MeshCentral2 - WAN/LAN modes & Intel AMT CIRA

MeshCentral2 development keeps moving forward and this week, we got two really interesting new features added. As you will see, MeshCentral2 is positioning to be a server that can be used in a wide array of usages. From small networks with a few computers on a local network to larger deployments on a commercial cloud services. MeshCentral2 is being designed to handle both and everything in between.
Added support for LAN and WAN modes. This is one of the big innovations that will get MeshCentral2 noticed. Historically, you always needed a fixed IP/Host to setup MeshCentral, making things difficult for small deployments. Now MeshCentral2 has a new “LAN mode” where mesh agents discover the server location using multicast. For small deployments, it’s easier than ever to get a management solution setup. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two modes noting that it’s possible to run MeshCentral2 in both modes simultaneously, offering both feature sets at the same tim…