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MeshCentral - User Consent, WebRTC, Danish, Sharing, 2FA

We are starting 2022 with many more features and improvements to MeshCentral with the release cadence continuing to be around two new versions per week. The big news since the new year was the release of all new mesh agents (Windows, Linux, MacOS) with many bug fixes and improvements. One of the most notable improvements is the new user consent dialog box on Windows that now includes more details and the account picture. There is also a new Danish translation, guest sharing improvements and much more. In detail: New MeshAgent User Consent Dialog . The all new MeshAgents have many improvements but on Windows, the agent will now display a much-improved user consent dialog box that includes the account image and an option to auto-accept user consent from this remote administrator for 5 minutes. This new dialog is almost identical to the one in MeshCentral Assistant and looks a lot more professional. MeshAgent WebRTC fixes . The new MeshAgent on all platforms have fixes for the built-in We

MeshCentral - Happy New Year, Web Power Switch, noVNC, Device Sharing

I want to wish a happy new year to everyone. This least year has been wonderful for MeshCentral and its growing community. In 2021, MeshCentral got over 370k downloads on NPM and more than that on DockerHub. On NPM alone, MeshCentral has over 1.4 million downloads total . The YouTube channel got started this year and the 50th video was just posted, and the channel has over 33k views . Last week, the 2021 year in review video was posed, looking back at the statistics, contributions, and major new features of 2021. Looking at the blog over the last 12 months, there are so many new features and improvements to MeshCentral, it’s crazy. Of course, we can’t stop progress and more improvements have been made. The last few weeks have seen the addition of Web power Switch support, allowing users to turn on and off power outlets using MeshCentral, monitor the outlets and grant rights to individual outlet control to other users. We also updated noVNC, the JavaScript based VNC viewer used by M