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MeshCentral - Android Agent, Google Play, Arctic Vault

Starting this week, MeshCentral can start managing an all new class of devices. A few days back, Google Play Store accepted and published the MeshCentral Agent for Android. This marks the first steps in adding basic mobile device management to MeshCentral and offers many opportunities for the future. You can pair Android devices with your own MeshCentral server and start seeing the device on the web site. On top of that, MeshCentral is included in the GitHub Arctic Code Vault which is really cool. In details: MeshCentral Android Agent . Look at the demonstration video here . The community had requested mobile management in the past and work started a few weeks back using Android Studio and the Kotlin programming language to build a basic MeshCentral Agent for Android. Most of the work had to do with pairing the agent to the server and opening a secured, trusted connection to the server. Currently, the Android Agent uses a built-in QR code reader to pair the application with your own s

MeshCentral - Agent updates, Scaling, ChromeOS, View-only sharing, Mobile improvements

Once again in the last week there have been huge improvements to MeshCentral. While many of the changes are visible to MeshCentral users, the focus this week will be on internal changes that are not seen by anyone but are important to making things work smoothly. The two big internal changes are the addition of a second independent way of updating the Mesh Agent remotely and big scaling improvements in how MeshCentral accesses the MongoDB database for massive speed and scalability gains. Another notable feature is Mesh Agent support for ChromeOS when in debug mode. This week, many of the improvements are thanks for Bryan Roe who released a much-improved Mesh Agent and installation and update infrastructure. In details:   Dual agent update path . One of the most complicated parts of MeshCentral is the agent which must support many different platforms and be capable of self-updating correctly on all of them. Starting with MeshCentral v0.7.48, there are now two independent ways of perform

MeshCentral - Messenger, Notifications, Shortcuts, Graphs

In this first blog of 2021, we again did not stop adding more improvements and features to MeshCentral. This week the focus was on the mobile web application and the MeshCentral Messenger system that allows two users or a user and a remote device to chat, exchange files and start audio and video streams. Remote management using mobile devices is increasingly and so, the MeshCentral mobile app now gets enhanced with notifications and more. In details: Mobile Notifications . The MeshCentral mobile application gained support for user notifications. This is the yellow messages that can pop-up at the top of the screen. This is an important new feature as user notifications are used for all sorts of things. They can confirm some operations have been executed correctly or not, or they can be used to send important system messages to currently log in users and more. As you see the screens below, the notifications for mobile devices are specially designed for touch screens. MeshCentral Messenge