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Remote Toast, Agent Presence, Device Groups

As people following the Mesh work would know, there are currently three open source tools for remote management of computers being worked on: MeshCentral , MeshCommander and MeshCmd . MeshCentral is a remote management web site, MeshCommander is a web based Intel® AMT management console and MeshCmd is a Linux & Windows command line tool that performs many Intel® AMT tasks. This week, I released new versions of all three tools. Let’s take a look at the improvements made to each of them: MeshCentral2 . We keep fixing bugs in the web site and improving performance, most changes will not be noticed by users except for the new toast button that is now available on the “Desktop” tab when remoting a Windows computer. The toast button allows the administrator to send a short text message that will be displayed on the remote computer. It’s a nice and quick way to make a message show up on remote computers. MeshCommander . In addition to many bug fixed and improved input validation on dia