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Notes, Account Management & Locking

This week is the last feature release for a little while because of traveling and vacations coming up and a bit more focus on bug fixes. This said, we have a bunch of really good features released this week that improve MeshCentral2. The focus was on making administration of a MeshCentral2 server and users a lot better. New this week: Improved user management . For server administrators, the “My Users” tab is much better. Administrators will immediately see the difference. Users are now listed with online users on the top, improved indications of validated emails and for each user, there is now a full sub-section with user information and configuration and events for each user. You can how edit the email address, validation status, server rights and update the password in a single screen. The user management look and feel as also been improved. The user login timeline is not yet implemented, a placeholder is currently displayed. Account locking . Administrators can now lock out use

Frame rate, Temporary agent, Processes

The pace of releases is accelerating as the core components of MeshCentral2 are maturing and it’s getting easier to build new features. The “all JavaScript” nature of MeshCentral2 with the browser, server, database and agent all being JavaScript makes things easy for developers. This week, we have 3 major new features to announce : New process control panel . When in the “Desktop” tab, you can now hit the “Tools” button to toggle the new tools view. In that panel, you will see the list of processes the remote computer is running both on Linux and Windows. In addition, you can sort the processes by ID or names and terminate a process remotely using the small garbage icon. One more way MeshCentral2 makes remote management of computers easy. Temporary Agent support . The MeshCentral server supports having the agent running in temporary mode. You can now download the agent executable and run it directly from the dialog box. The agent will keep running as long as the dialog box is open.

MeshCmd + User Notifications

This week, Bryan Roe significantly improved the MeshCmd tool that is included in MeshCentral2 and available as a standalone download. Bryan added the capability to run MicroLMS and MeshCommander in the background and this on both Linux and Windows. Starting today, you can download MeshCmd and run: meshcmd microlms install/start/stop/uninstall meshcmd meshcommander install/start/stop/uninstall This will install and start in the background MicroLMS with LMS MeshCommander for local management, or MeshCommander for remote management. On Windows, it’s installed as a standard Windows Service. On Linux, the installation will work correctly on both newer systemd and older initd Linux computers, with the installation adapting correctly to each. In addition, MeshCentral2 got many bug fixes, security hardening and a few new features this week. Notably, you can now switch between the multi-desktop view and taking control of a computer’s desktop without the connection having to be re-establ