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MeshCentral2 - Now with Let's Encrypt support

Because MeshCentral is web based and deals with lots of administrative information, it’s important that all traffic be authenticated and encrypted using HTTPS. However, for people setting up their own MeshCentral2 server, obtaining a trusted TLS/HTTPS certificate can be a problem and cost money. Well, this week, the problem is solved by building-in Let’s Encrypt support right into MeshCentral2 . With this latest version ( Currently v0.1.2-s ), you can configure MeshCentral to automatically obtain, use and renew its HTTPS certificate. To use this new feature, you need to have your own MeshCentral2 server setup with a domain name pointing to it. You also need the MeshCentral HTTP server to be accessible over the Internet on port 80 - mapping it to a different port will not work. You can find out how to configure automatic TLS certificates in the latest version of the MeshCentral User’s Guide , we added a new section on Let’s Encrypt. Once setup correctly, MeshCentral will

MeshCommander for NPM - Linux, OSX, Windows

MeshCommander is a web-based Intel® AMT management console that you can download, install and use to connect to and manage your Intel® AMT computers. MeshCommander is over two years old, turning out to be a popular tool. A few days back I published MeshCommander on NPM for easy installation on Linux, OSX and Windows . Most people familiar with NodeJS will know exactly what this means. Enter a new folder and type:     npm install meshcommander     node ./node_module/meshcommander This will start a small MeshCommander web server on any operating system with NodeJS and NPM installed. Then point your browser to http://localhost:3000 which is the default location and you are good to go. Never has it been easier and run MeshCommander on Linux or OSX. I think this is perfect for people using Intel® AMT for IoT and wanting to have a high quality Intel® AMT console. If you want to update to the latest version of MeshCommander, just run the first list again and the latest versi

MeshCentral2 - Email Server / DNS Multi-Tenancy / User's Guide

It’s a new year and MeshCentral2 is moving forward with plenty of new features with the goal of having the first non-Beta version in the first half of this year. MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. In the last month, many significant new features where added and an all new User’s Guide packed with installation and configuration help. New updates are released on NPM at a regular cadence (more than once a week). For this last month, here are the big improvements: Email support, verification and account reset capability . This is one of these features that you wish you had implemented years ago. MeshCentral2 can now be configured with a SMTP mail server allowing it to send email messages. Then, we implemented email verification so that when you create an account, the server will send you an email to verify the account is attached to a correct email address. We also added account password reset support. Forgot your password? No longer