MeshCentral2 - 500k Downloads & Session Recordings

This week marked a milestone as on August 11th MeshCentral passed the half a million download count according to MeshCentral had its first commit on GitHub on August 28, 2017 and so, we crossed this milestone in about 2 years. While the downloads don’t correspond to the number of installed servers or users, it’s still a big number. I would like to thank everyone that participates in the community to make MeshCentral a success. To celebrate this event, some in my management are getting MeshCentral commemorative mugs (picture below).

As MeshCentral is increasingly taking on enterprise level features, this week we are announcing a Remote management session recording support. This is often a requirement in order to deploy management solutions. The MeshCentral Management Presence Server (MPS) is now capable of recording Intel® AMT KVM sessions for later playback in addition to remote desktop and terminal sessions to the software agent. This feature is really 3 announcements in one: A server capable of recording sessions, a new recording file format and the all new MeshCentral Session Player for session playback. In detail:
  • MeshCentral’s Recoding Capability. When configured, MeshCentral that already acts as a traffic relay between the browser, agents and Intel AMT will now record traffic. The server will also notify the browser and agent that the session is being recorded with new recording icons displayed to indicate this. The MeshCentral Intel AMT traffic relay and CIRA server are also equipped with session recording capabilities. Lastly, MeshCommander that is built into MeshCentral now supports the recording indication and displays the recoding icon when needed.
  • Session Recoding File Format. The new “.mcrec” file format was created to quickly record network traffic with minimal effort. The new format encodes session metadata along with traffic time, direction and in the case of web socket, the traffic data type. The content of this new file format is a perfectly re-playable TCP/Web Socket session, perfect for auditing.
  • MeshCentral Session Player. In what is probably the largest and most complex piece of code of this new feature, we now have a new session player web application that can take in a “.mcrec” and play it back. The new player is accessible at “/player.htm” on any updated MeshCentral server and will currently play Remote Desktop, Terminal and Intel AMT KVM sessions. The player support many view modes, play/pause/restart commands, a progress bar and control of the play speed (from ¼ to 10x speed).
Administrators that configure their MeshCentral servers to record will need to be ready to handle a lot of very large files. Note that the public server will not be recording any management sessions. As usual, feedback is appreciated. The current version of MeshCentral as of this posting is v0.3.9-v.



  1. As a long time screen connect customer, I can honestly say that MeshCentral is an awesome application.

    I love the fact that it is client free on the server end, fully proxiable via web sockets and very responsive over low internet speed connections.

    It is only in beta, however I have found the developer to be extremely responsive and am looking forward to the final release version.

    The interface is especially slick and well thought out. Considering it is open source and therefore free for unlimited techs and unlimited remote computers, it is outstanding piece of software engineering.


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