MeshCentral2 - Language Support, Terminal, File Editor

One of the great things about being open source project is that there is a growing community of people willing to help. One area that helps a lot is with translation into other languages. A few months back, MeshCentral got the capability to be translated into other languages, this is still ongoing work as more improvements in this area are ongoing. Community volunteers in the last month have translated MeshCentral to Czech (Thanks Martin) and Portuguese (Thanks Carlos). In the last weeks, a new online translator tool was added to MeshCentral along with more features. In details:
  • New Built-in Translation Tool. MeshCentral now has a built-in web-based translation tool. If you are site administrator on a MeshCentral server, you can access this new page from the localization settings dialog box. The new tool allows you to see all the MeshCentral strings, change string for any supported language, save them back to the server and have the server re-translate the web pages to see immediate results.
  • Support for Czech and Portuguese. Thanks to volunteers, MeshCentral is now in Czech and Portuguese. These languages came as a surprise to me, especially Czech. Thank you to both Martin and Carlos for there hard work making this happen. If you like to help translate MeshCentral in other languages, look at instructions in the “node_modules/meshcentral/translate” for details.
  • Machine Translation into Japanese. In the last month, new code was added to help perform full machine translation of MeshCentral into other languages, the first test of this was a full Japanese translation which is available now. Of course, the quality of the translation will be uneven, but this new system allows for a quick starting point for human translators.
In addition to language related topics, MeshCentral got more improvements:
  • Running a User Command Prompt. In the terminal tab, you can now right click on the “Connect” button to select launching a command shell or PowerShell as administrator or as the currently logged in user. This is very useful when solving problems with the same user privileges as the currently logged in user. On Linux this was already available for a few months, but the feature was added for Windows last week.
  • VT100 Terminal Improvements. On the topic of the terminal, MeshCentral’s terminal now has an improved VT100 support along with better UTF8 support for both in-band (MeshAgent) and out-of-band (Intel AMT) support. This is especially useful when used with the new Windows 10 terminal or Intel AMT Serial-over-LAN with UTF8 BIOS.
  • Improved Built-in Editor. When viewing files from remote computers, you can check a file and press the “Edit” button. This will bring up a small web-based editor that can be used to quickly change the content of a text file without having to download, edit and re-upload the file. The improved editor uses the browser space better, can toggle word wrap and change text size. These settings are sticky to the user account.
This is just some of the many changes and fixes. Many thanks for the open source community for all the help on language translation and to Bryan Roe for the latest MeshAgent that capable of launching a command prompt as the logged in user along with many more MeshAgent stability improvements.


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