MeshCentral - One Million Downloads & Year in Review

This morning the community has achieved an important milestone…

The exact count as of writing this blog is 1,000,242. This is an excellent moment to review the year 2020 and to thank everyone in the community that has contributed with bug reports, language translations and feedback. It’s all very much appreciated and helps everyone improve their device management. Just in 2020, there has been to date well over 400000 downloads of MeshCentral on NPM. On many days MeshCentral is downloaded over 1000 times with a few days where there are 2000 or more downloads. This is a significant increase over the last years and some of it due to more people looking for remote management solutions during COVID. As seen in the graphs below, there has been a significant increase in downloads in the April 2020 timeframe. This is the first full year where MeshCentral is internationalized into many languages and so, this has likely also helped with worldwide usage.

Looking at GitHub, the number of commits and contributions has grown significantly compared to previous years. We are getting more participation then ever, but also more requests for changes with over 550 open issues compared to over 1300 closed ones. Issues are being closed at a good rate, but there is no way the community can close all of them as fast as the requests are open.

Looking at social media Twitter and Reddit, the numbers are also going up. The MeshCentral Reddit forum is now in the top 10% of subreddits on the site. Twitter is also very active with over 1000 impressions a day. You can see the graphs below for yourself.

While 2020 was a very weird year, it was a great one for MeshCentral. Many new features and improvements, from the remote desktop viewer on the mobile site to the new login page, the community has really moved this forward and it’s getting a lot of usage.

Thank you everyone!

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