MeshCommander - IPv6 support, Improved Multi-Language support

MeshCommander is a web-based Intel® AMT management console that includes remote desktop, terminal, disk redirection and much more. MeshCommander v0.9.0 was published recently and includes updates to the MSI, NPM and Firmware versions of MeshCommander. As users know, MeshCommander is available in many different flavors to suite different usages and platforms. For the first time yesterday, MeshCommander now offers a multi-language solution for replacing the Intel AMT built-in WebUI with a web page in a non-English language. In addition, v0.9.0 includes many bug fixes and full support for IPv6. In detail:

  • Firmware Edition. The firmware edition of MeshCommander replaces the built-in Intel AMT web pages with a much more powerful web app that includes a KVM viewer, WSMAN stack, VT100 terminal and IDER support. For the first time, the firmware loader for MeshCommander comes with the “Standard” and “Advanced” version of the web application for 11 different languages. So, a total of 22 web applications are compiled and included in the loader. Users select which one they want. You can get the latest firmware edition here.
  • Windows MSI edition. This is the most generally well know and used version of MeshCommander. Like all other editions, it now comes with full support for IPv6. That is, you can activate and configure IPv6 on Intel AMT. Once activated, you can also connect to the Intel AMT device using IPv6. When adding a computer to the list, make sure to use square brackets [] when entering an IPv6 address. As far as I know, this makes MeshCommander the only fully featured Intel AMT console to support IPv6. You can get the latest MSI edition here.
  • NPM edition. If running on Linux or macOS or any platform with NodeJS support, you can quickly install MeshCommander using “npm intall meshcommander”. Once running, it will start a small web server on port 3000 and you can browse to it to start managing your Intel AMT computers. This latest version includes support for 11 languages and the web server will automatically serve the correct web page for the language setting of your browser. Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese. You can get the latest NPM edition here.

Of course, many more bug fixes were also made on these new versions of MeshCommander. As usual, feedback appreciated. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users.


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