MeshCentral - Mobile Remote Desktop, Maintenance Mode, International Keyboards

Mobile devices are a dominant way people access information and when something goes wrong, it’s often the first device you have available. Today, MeshCentral has a significant new improvement to the mobile web site that allows full control over a remote desktop from a mobile device. This is going to be incredibly practical for administrators and technicians that are on the go. In addition to this, we have a new server maintenance mode and improved support for international keyboards. In detail:

  • Remote Desktop Control from Mobile Device. This is the big news. The MeshCentral mobile web site now includes a desktop viewer that can be used to fully control a remote desktop computer. You can move throughout the screen, mouse click using both buttons, toggle the on-screen keyboard, toggle zoom and send special keys like ctrl-alt-del to remotely login to a Windows machines. Look at the pictures below for details. In addition, Intel® AMT hardware KVM is supported, so you can remote control a desktop regardless of the OS state using your cell phone. This is the first time that out-of-band manageability can be done so easily from a mobile device. This new feature required significant changes to the mobile web site and so, feedback and bug reports on GitHub are appreciated, especially since the community can help with testing of many more mobile devices and browsers.
  • Server Maintenance Mode. You can now put your MeshCentral server in maintenance mode. This has been requested as a feature from the community and is useful when you only want server administrators to be able to login to MeshCentral. The new mode can be turned on in the config.json or in real-time using the “management” command in server console.
  • Improved International Keyboard Support. Expanding on last weeks announcement, this week it’s not only Windows that supports international keyboard layouts, but now, all platforms (Linux, macOS and FreeBSD). This means that the administrator can have a different keyboard layout on the remote device, and everything works as expected. On top of this new support, the remote desktop viewer that is built into MeshCentral Router has now been improved to also support international keyboards.

In addition to all these features, many more fixes and improvements have been made. As usual, feedback is appreciated. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users.


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