MeshCentral - Desktop Sharing and MeshCentral Router Improvements

This week we have many more new features published into MeshCentral, more than we can list here but there are a select few of special interest. Probably the most interesting feature this week are improvements to guest remote desktop sharing where you can share a device with a guest for a limited time using only a URL. In addition to this, the widely used MeshCentral Router tool got an upgrade and is now completely replacing the ClickOnce router that was only supported in Internet Explorer. In detail: 

  • Guest Remote Desktop Link Revocation. As users of MeshCentral know, you can create a time limited link that you can give to someone else to take control of a computer on MeshCentral with no account required. Now, we improved this feature by allowing users to revoke the sharing link at any time. In addition, when a link is revoked, all guest users that are currently using the link will be immediately disconnected. This is a security improvement, but also allows for creating sharing links with longer timeframes.
  • Guest Remote Desktop Links Time Range. In addition to being able to revoke sharing links, administrators can now create remote desktop sharing links that have a time range and even links that have a start time in the future. So, you can share a device with someone from 4pm to 5pm tomorrow and MeshCentral will take care of the rest. The error messages for links that are not yet valid or expired has also been improved.
  • MeshCentral Router replaces ClickOnce. When a MeshCentral server was configured to support ClickOnce, users would see additional links in devices allowing them to start a remote RDP, SSH or WinSCP session with a remote device using a desktop application as client. MeshCentral would relay the TCP port to make it all work. ClickOnce was limited to Internet Explorer and this week, the links have been replaced with mcrouter:// links that launch MeshCentral Router. In addition, MeshCentral Router has been improved to auto-start applications and auto-exit when needed. You get the same features before, but on all browsers (FireFox, Chrome…).
  • MeshCentral Router Improvements. MeshCentral Router has been improved quite a bit this week with new customizations so you can decide what action is taken when you double click on a device, improved device search functionality, remember the last window position and more. This makes the MeshCentral TCP/UDP router feature better than ever before.
  • Router and Assistant Self-update. Probably the most important new feature of MeshCentral Router and MeshCentral Assistant it’s the new ability to self-update from the MeshCentral server thru connect to. As new releases of these tools are published along with the MeshCentral server, older version of these tools will connect to the server and get automatically updated. This removes a big problem for users of these application that did not immediately know if they needed to update. One more way MeshCentral makes life a bit easier.

In addition to all this, many more fixes and improvements have been made and much more in coming. As usual, feedback is appreciated. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users.



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