MeshCentral - New Style, Remote Zip, Multi-Language Events

Strangely this week, all major MeshCentral improvements have not been requested by the community, instead they are all things that I had on my “todo” list for a long time. One pleasant surprise was that one of these changes generated the most positive feedbacks on Twitter ever. This week the big new thing is the new optional styling for the MeshCentral login page and some of the sub-pages. In detail:

  • New Login Page Style. I have seen some complains that the MeshCentral login page was a bit “dated” and so as of this week, there is a new login page style that looks more modern. You can switch the style in the config.json and the new pages fully support all the existing languages and features including 2FA using time tokens, SMS, email and more. Some of the other sub-pages like the public file sharing page and 404 page also get the new style. In the coming weeks, the new styling will be switched to be the default style, however anyone can select the style they want.
  • New Page Style Customization. In addition to the new login page, it’s important to be able to customize the login page as needed. MeshCentral has a set of customization options that allows anyone to put organization branding on the login page and make it look great. See below for details on how to brand you login page, it’s easy and fun.
  • Remote Zip Support. A few weeks ago, Bryan added Deflate compression support to the MeshAgent. Now he added ZIP support and so, the agent is fully capable to create ZIP files on its own re-using the same compression code used for web socket compression. In the latest MeshCentral, you can so go to a remote devices “Files” tab, select a few files or folders and hit the new “ZIP” button to remotely generate a zip file. This is excellent if you want to download a lot of files from a remote system, just compress them first and then download the resulting zip. The MeshAgent provides compression updates every second, so you see a progress bar when large amounts of data is being compressed.
  • Multi-Language Event Log. MeshCentral is now translated into 12 languages, but the event log of MeshCentral had never supported multiple languages until now. The event log shows all the operations performed on account, user groups and devices. It serves as an audit record of what happened. The latest version of MeshCentral has this log in all support languages. Of course, community help in improving the translation string is very much appreciated.

Many thanks to the GitHub community for their continued feedback and contributions. As usual, feedback appreciated. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users


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