MeshCentral - Agent on Router, Linux Installer, WebDAV Backups, Desktop Sharing

This week Bryan extended the reach of MeshCentral by releasing a new MeshAgent for OpenWRT MIPS routers. This allows MeshCentral to manage a completely new class of routers and allow web-based access to these devices from anywhere in the world. Having a MeshAgent running within a router allows for an always-on jumping off point for remote access to other devices on the home or office network. We also improved the auto-backup feature and more. In detail:

  • MeshAgent on MIPS OpenWRT. OpenWRT is an open source router firmware and this last week, Bryan used the fact that the MeshAgent is super portable to compile it for OpenWRT. Specifically, we tested the agent on the Gl.iNet AG-750 which is a compact travel router that comes with OpenWRT built-in along with the ability to place a MicroSD card for extra storage. The result is that it’s now possible to install the MeshAgent on a home or office router and use that device as primary access to the rest of the network with MeshCentral’s TCP/UDP port routing capability. Very exciting stuff.
  • Improved Linux Interactive Installer. A month ago, Bryan released the first Linux interactive installer that allowed users to download an agent binary for their platform and use it to directly install the agent on the platform. Basically, the binary was especially built to be a “self-installer” on Linux. Now, Bryan improved upon this and the latest installer works both in graphical mode and terminal-only text mode. This is useful when installing the agent on, for example, an OpenWRT router but also on any other type of Linux device.
  • MeshCentral WebDAV Auto-Backup. A few weeks back, I announced that MeshCentral could perform self-backup to Google Drive. This week, we are going beyond this previous announcement by adding support for self-backup using WebDAV. This allows automated backups to any server that supports WebDAV, notably NextCloud. So now, you can have MeshCentral perform off-site, automated, encrypted and secure backups to your server of choice.
  • Configurable Guest Desktop Sharing. Administrators can now configure the maximum amount of time allowed for creating a guest desktop sharing link. Users can now create a URL link to share a remote desktop for up to 4 days. This is perfect for administrators who want to take advantage of this convenient feature more fully.
  • New Device Filtering. There is a new drop-down selector in the devices page so you can filter devices based on various conditions. You can opt to see only online devices, started devices, devices with active session or devices with Intel® AMT capabilities. Very useful to find exactly the devices you are looking for.

Big thanks for Bryan this week for the OpenWRT agent and many thanks to the GitHub community for their continued feedback and contributions. As usual, feedback appreciated. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users.



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