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This week we got a pile more improvements for MeshCentral. The online community has been great, Bryan and I are having a hard time keeping up with all the feedback and contributions but doing our best. Just this week, we received improved translations in Spanish and French and a completely new translation of MeshCentral is Finnish. Thank you to Mika Laavola for the hard work with Finnish, very much appreciated. We got a pile of improvements, so in detail:

  • MeshCentral Router Compression. Following up on the previous announcement that MeshCentral supports web socket compression, this week the latest MeshCentral Router now also supports compression. If your MeshCentral server has this feature enabled, MeshCentral Router will automatically detect this and compress traffic to and from the server and this, for TCP/UDP traffic routes and remote desktop. Also new to this latest version is live network traffic dialog boxes so you can see how much data is being sent and received and the compression efficiently. This should boost speeds and reduce server hosting costs.
  • Improved Password Security. We got more requests for harden password checking and so, added two more features in this area. First, you can optionally have MeshCentral remember the older passwords hash/salt and reject password resets to older passwords. If you have a policy that does not allow password recycling by users, this is perfect. Secondly, you can now enable the “Wild Leek” module to ban use of the 10k most used passwords. These are part of improved industry best practices.
  • MeshCtrl Device Notification. We added new functionally to MeshCtrl, the MeshCentral command line tool to allow remote device notification, toast messages and remotely open a URL. This is super useful for automating interactions for remote users. In addition, these features work perfectly for non-English languages, so you can send a Chinese notification to a remote device.
  • Finnish Translation. As indicated above, MeshCentral got a mostly completed Finnish translation thanks for Mika Laavola (@Alovaal). This is the 10th language for MeshCentral. Many thanks, this a lot of work since there are lots of strings to translate, amazing contribution.
  • Device Group Creation. MeshCentral will now record when and who created a new device group and show that information when present. This is useful to keep track of what group belongs to who when there are many permissions associated with a device group.
  • Available Memory. It was pointed out on GitHub that free memory is not a good metric on Linux as modern operating systems will try to use all unused memory for disk caching and other performance tasks. A better metric is available memory and that is now the MeshCentral displays in the “My Server” tab.

Many thanks to the GitHub community for their continued feedback and contributions. As usual, feedback appreciated. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users



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