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This week the feature steamroller kept moving forward as more versions of MeshCentral are rapidly released with the community’s help. As usual, more bug fixes where made. This week, the focus was on making it easier for MeshCentral installations to comply with proper administrative procedures, notably, automated off-side backups and server auditing. The big addition was automated backup’s to Google Drive making MeshCentral installations more robust than ever. In detail:

  • Google Drive Automated Backups. As many administrators know, when running a cloud server like MeshCentral, it’s important to not only make regular server backup’s, but also keep the backups off-site. The latest version of MeshCentral makes this easy by offering built-in support for uploading server backup’s to Google Drive. MeshCentral already creates daily encrypted backups, but now, you can setup a trusted link to a Google account using OAuth and MeshCentral will upload and automatically manage backup’s in the Google Drive. The permissions given to MeshCentral are limited to uploading and managing the files your MeshCentral server uploaded, limiting access to any other files in the drive. You can setup a policy to keep a limited number of backups on Google Drive so that, off-site backups are automatic and out of mind.
  • Server Auditing Accounts. A new MeshCentral server permission was added to allow selected accounts to see all server events. This is useful for accounts that need to audit the server and all users on the server. You can see everything that is going on even if you have no rights to any devices or users.
  • Batch Notifications. When selecting many devices, you can now click the “Group Actions” button and send a blast of notifications to devices in on operation. This option is in the web page and was requested by the community for various usages. Administrators have the option of a remote message box that must be dismissed by the user or a toast message that will be displayed for a limited amount of time on the remote device.
  • Device Download Streaming. When downloading a file from a device, until now you could only download files that where up to 150 megabytes in size since the file was downloaded into the browser’s memory and then saved when the download was completed. With the latest update, downloading a file from a remote device now involves a secure HTTPS link to the MeshCentral server. The server now signals the device and an end-to-end stream is created where the file is read and written on-the-fly on both sides. This allows for faster downloads and unlimited file sizes.

Many thanks to the GitHub community for their continued feedback and contributions. As usual, feedback appreciated. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users



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