MeshCentral - Binary Installer, Favorite Devices, Batch Tagging, Router

This week we got another batch of updates and improvements to MeshCentral and the MeshCentral Agent. I do want to thank the GitHub community for their help finding issues, feature suggestions and help with translations. This week the main announcement is the addition of self-installing binaries for many non-Windows platforms (Linux, macOS and BSD). Just like with Windows, MeshCentral can now generate on-the-fly a self-installing binary for many platforms that include server and account connection information and more. This is all thanks to Bryan Roe for agent improvement to make this possible. You can now download, execute and install the agent using only the binary. In detail:
  • Linux, macOS, BSD Self-installing Agent Binaries. MeshCentral supports many platforms, but in the past only the Windows had a self-installing agent binary. Now, this has been added to many other platforms that run graphical user interfaces. You can opt to download an agent for 64bit x86 Linux, MeshCentral will take the compiled binary and customize it with server and account connection information and serve it. Users can run the binary and click “Install” for background installation, or “Connect” for a temporary support session.
  • Marking Favorite Devices. This feature was suggested by the community and allows people to “star” up to 20 devices in their account for quick access. You can filter on these devices and see them on the mobile application. This is wonderful when you have lots of devices and need to find the ones you are working on quickly. The feature uses the new stacking device notification icons.
  • Batch Device Tagging. With the latest version of MeshCentral, you can now select many devices and set, add or remove device tags in one operation. A bit like the stars above, this allows administrators to quickly organize devices and filter on them as needed. Once you have setup devices with tags, you can type “tag:<tag>” or “t:<tag>” in the filter box to view only the tagged devices.
  • Improved MeshCentral Router. MeshCentral Router is a powerful tool that allows TCP/UDP mapping of ports over the Internet. In the latest version of MeshCentral, the router was improved with a new devices user interface to deal with servers that have 100’s or 1000’s of devices on a single account. You can now login using MeshCentral Router and search thru your devices at great speed.
Many thanks to Bryan Roe for agent binary improvements and the GitHub community for their continued work. As usual, feedback appreciated. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users


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