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In the last few weeks, we made many more improvements to the quality and security of MeshCentral. One area that is important when managing 100’s or 1000’s of computers with remote software agents that encounter many different situations is to get actionable data back when something happens. This week, MeshCentral got a new optional automated feature that turns on the MeshAgent crash dump feature and fetches crash dump files when needed. This along with many other improvements will keep improving software quality and reliability moving forward. In detail:
  • Automated Agent Crash Dump. Thanks to Bryan Roe, the MeshCentral agent has had the ability to generate a crash dump file on all platforms (Windows, Linux, BSD, macOS) when this feature was activated. With the most recent release of MeshCentral, this agent feature can now be activated from the server. In addition to this, if an agent crash dump file is present on a remote machine, MeshCentral can now automatically retrieve it. This will make any future agent crashes (which are quite rare) easier to debug and fix. This is an important part of having MeshCentral be a reliable remote management solution.
  • MeshCentral Router Mappings. One of the most interesting features of MeshCentral is its ability to port map TCP and UDP ports from a management computer to any managed computers. MeshCentral Router is the premiere Windows tool to do this and this week, it’s been improved a lot. You can now save existing port mappings, open them back up or drag & drop mappings into MeshCentral Router making is a lot easier to get work done.
  • MeshMessenger Export. MeshCentral has a built-in web-based messaging application that can be used to setup a chat session between an administrator and a remote computer. MeshMessenger was updated last week to include security fixes and a new chat export feature to save the conversation as a text file.
  • MeshCentral Installer. Last week a new version of the MeshCentral Installer was published with a bunch of smaller fixes and improvements. Notably, the installed MeshCentral server is now setup with more limited folder access rights for improved security.
  • GitHub Code Scanning. GitHub recently announced that it was offering some developers early beta access to free security code scanning using CodeQL. We requested and got granted early access to this new automated scanning tool and are now using it to scan the MeshCentral and MeshAgent projects.
Many thanks to Bryan Roe and the GitHub community for their continued work. As usual, feedback appreciated. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users


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